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When it comes to developing projects, Bowden Development, Inc. (BDI) has over 50 years’ experience and expertise in understanding the complete meaning of the word community.

With more than 500 successful projects in its portfolio, BDI has exhibited a unique ability to comprehend the details, the needs and the ultimate impact of each job. They stand behind their work with confidence and promise clients a job well done.

BDI develops a wide range of projects within the communities they serve. Founded in Monrovia in 1971, BDI gives careful consideration to the ultimate design, assuring neighbors and the community that the project will blend in and enhance their neighborhood’s appearance.

Primarily, BDI builds custom-designed residences, detached single-family PUD houses, traditional townhomes, and multi-unit complexes for active senior living, along with selected commercial and industrial developments.

The hallmarks of every BDI project remain the same, no matter the style or the venue: use only quality materials throughout construction; create eye-pleasing designs that help increase neighborhood property values; use qualified design professionals in helping to create projects that fit well into the specified development area; give attention to exterior craftsmanship such as landscaping and quality elevations; and create good working relationships with all entities involved in the project.

With those hallmarks serving as guidelines and the team working relationships, BDI builds a very real sense of community to surround each Bowden Development project.

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