422 Prospect Ave – 2-MLS-003
422 Prospect Ave – 2-MLS-003
422 Prospect Ave – 2-MLS-005
422 Prospect Ave – 2-MLS-007
422 Prospect Ave – 2-MLS-008
422 Prospect Ave – 2-MLS-009
422 Prospect Ave-MLS-016
422 Prospect Ave-MLS-021
422 Prospect Ave-MLS-022
422 Prospect Ave-MLS-028
422 Prospect Ave-MLS-031
422 Prospect Ave-MLS-034
422 Prospect Ave-MLS-035
422 Prospect Ave – 2-MLS-003422 Prospect Ave – 2-MLS-005422 Prospect Ave – 2-MLS-007422 Prospect Ave – 2-MLS-008422 Prospect Ave – 2-MLS-009422 Prospect Ave-MLS-016422 Prospect Ave-MLS-021422 Prospect Ave-MLS-022422 Prospect Ave-MLS-028422 Prospect Ave-MLS-031422 Prospect Ave-MLS-034422 Prospect Ave-MLS-035

Built in 1891, this classic turn of the century Victorian represents all that is great about Monrovia. With its elegance, street presence, and spacious property, it represents just one of Monrovia’s diverse Architectural styles. This home also impresses with the amazing mountain and City views that cannot be duplicated.

Bowden Development Inc. has professionally rehabilitated this amazing home with current amenities that the discerning buyer desires without compromising the rich style and class of a classic Victorian home.

We work closely with the City’s goals and vision for neighborhood sensitivity and preservation of existing resources. This is one such example of a home that has been transformed from disrepair to a gem that most jurisdictions (and prospective buyer’s) would be proud to call their own.

422 Prospect Ave.
Monrovia, CA 91016